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Cliff of Aliki is a naming of the area Naouza the first formal landmark for the revolutionary congregation by Grand Greek Kapodistrias and 400 ma, defending Lefkada opposite forces of the Turkish-Albanian Ali Pasha at Sotiro , the year 1807. Of all these we end up concluding that the geomorphology of the area and the “influential” ardent desire of Nike, fomenting the renaming of the area in Nikiana.

The Hotel is situated 49 meters above sea level on the seashore and unobstructed facing the Ionian Sea and the nearby green islands such as the famous island of Onassis, Skorpios.

Aliki Hotel is situated in a quiet area, 1,5 km from the village of Nikiana, 10 km from Lefkada town and 4 km from Nidri.

All rooms have balconies with panoramic views where the guest can enjoy the fantastic scenery of the sea and nearby islands.

The friendly staff are always eager to inform you of the best amusement and tour the island.

Hotel Aliki is worth of your expectations, because values and respects each individual visitor.