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Books for Lefkada

Fagotto Editions was founded in 1984. Right from the start, it brought a new perspective to the way of learning music. Books full of life and enjoyment, with the complement of auxiliary acoustic material (audio tapes then, CD today), opened the way to amateur musicians, concerning the approach of the instrument they were interested in. All books are based on the understanding that music is not a forbidden ground for the non specialists, neither is its learning an ascetic occupation of few.

Today, the way we study music changes, because music itself changes. New kinds of music emerge, new instruments are invented. The tendency to different music cultures taking part equally in the international music stage is strengthened. Technology transforms the music field. Computers, virtual reality and Internet discover new possibilities for composition, performance, production, storing and management of the musical creation. What is the basic music knowledge that has to be transmitted to the student and to the lover of music in the 21st century? What competences should the student develop, so that he can come up to the contemporary musical demands? What are the most adequate ways to the lover of music considering the research of basic concepts and the principles of the music system?

Fagotto Editions responds to these questions by offering, to an audience interested in music, books that meet today’s demands. It is not by chance that some titles are taught in different Universities (Athens, Macedonia, Thessalia, Aristotle, Ionian), as well as in Schools of Music. The Ministry of Education included several titles as reference books to the School Libraries.


Lefkada is een van de zeven Ionische eilanden, gelegen aan de westkust van Griekenland. Deze wandelgids nodigt uit om het eiland te voet te verkennen en te genieten van de prachtige natuur, het bergachtige binnenland, overweldigende vergezichten en schilderachtige dorpen en kloosters. In het boekje zijn 30 wandelingen opgenomen: 26 rondwandelingen en 4 wandelingen van dorp naar dorp. Er is ook een wandeling op het eiland Meganissi beschreven. De wandelingen zijn zeer uitvoerig beschreven en het boekje bevat kaarten, foto¢s en GPS-coördinaten. Tevens zijn de lengte, de hoogteverschillen en de zwaarte van de wandelingen aangegeven.


New updated map of Lefkada island. The only one with a detailed beach index – including the less famous – and an index of the island’s sights. It includes a map of the historic centre of Lefkada city with suggested walking routes through the most significant buildings dating British period and the other city sights as well as further suggested routes around the island.


This publication gives a precise account of all we know about our island, including historical and modern data. This complete guide to Lefkada* accompanied by 180 photographs and detailed maps is the key to routes along with delightful footpaths, to the discovery of the charms of highland villages, revealing secluded quiet beaches, inviting to visit churches and imposing monasteries. Additionally, routes off the beaten track lead to explore untrodden landscapes of exceptional natural beauty. * The only officially recognised guide